Price Range: from Rs200 to Rs2,500,000
Size Range: from 10 SqFt to 1,000 SqFt
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Providing Exceptional and Diversified Real Estate Services in Pakistan Prime Consultants & Marketing

With a dedicated team of real estate experts with years of experience in the real estate industry, we deliver you bespoke property consultancy services. Whether you need our customized services in residential, commercial, or rental properties, choose Prime Consultants & Marketing for the most diversified real estate services in Pakistan!

Are you looking for your dream home? Do you want to sell your home? Are you the owner of a housing city looking for a suitable platform to market your project? We are here to cater to your specific requirement and got everything in one place!

Our Real Estate Services for Project Owners

Being a project owner is not easy, you might be struggling while keeping pace with the trends, managing your team, developing the project, and the legal complications in Pakistan real estate. You need not worry; we are here to provide you with the best real estate consultancy and marketing services to help you achieve your goals. Here’s an overview of our real estate services for project owners:

Amenities and Attractions Advisory

Offering exceptional advisory services for developers and real estate owners to help them take advantage of the latest amenities and attractions to increase their property value
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3D Modelling and Animations

Animating and modelling the envisioned amenities and architecture for the best 3D visualization of the real estate project to the potential investors and buyers quickly
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Town Planning

Providing high-quality, risk-free town planning services for residential, commercial and industrial land for creating extensively detailed, easy-to-follow plans that meet your budget, timeline, and goals
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Project Feasibility Study

Alleviating the hassles of in materializing your real estate project by researching and analyzing the feasibility of the project that is an essential step to making a sound investment
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Sales Team Training

Helping you find the right marketing plan for your real estate project that focuses on creating a customized strategy while using PR, social media, and other tactics to help you get started
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Project Marketing Execution

Ensuring the success of your marketing plan by efficiently utilizing and executing all the marketing strategies while continuously monitoring the success of the plan
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Sales Team Development

Recruiting a sales team for your project with the in-depth industry knowledge of identifying the potentials of an individual with high-converting sales skills
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Project Marketing Plan

Taking care of your project -specific requirements and training the workforce in alignment with the goals and objective of your real estate project
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Sales Team Management

Alleviating your burden by managing your team so you can focus on the core of your real estate business without worrying about your sales
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ATL Marketing Management

Generating awareness and driving quality leads by going Above The Line (ATL) while deploying TV, print, and OOH media marketing management
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Digital Marketing Plan

Devising a plan to market your project on the digital platform, enabling you to reach a larger audience and thus generating quality leads without geographical barriers in a cost-efficient way
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Event Management and Activation

With a highly skilled professionals to handle your event from start to the end that ensures all the requisites for smooth running and a huge success of the event
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Dedicated Real Estate Services for Home Buyers and Investors

Whether you are an investor or a home buyer, finding reliable real estate investment opportunities in Pakistan is not easy. Along with providing you with diversified investment options, we are here to provide our services to ensure the successful fulfillment of your unique needs.

Legal Advisory

Analyzing the potential legal issues, advising on the most appropriate structure, and helping you gather all the legal documentation and other requirements in each step while providing customized services with due diligence

Investment Advisory

With a vast industry experience, directing your investments through our realistic and data-driven real estate consultancy services to help you find opportunity with high-potential growth in terms of value

Project Status Reports

Providing you with the latest and unbiased information regarding any real estate project so that you can make informed decision while you choose to invest your hard-earned money in a specific project

We will thoroughly analyze your requirements and devise a custom plan of services for you.

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In our venture to redefine the standards of the real estate industry in Pakistan, we provide our services with due persistence and commitment. Here are the reasons to choose us as your trusted real estate agency in Pakistan:

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